Taking Care Of Yourself As A Busy Mom: 3 Things You Cannot Forget About

Taking care of yourself as a busy mom is essential. Actually, it’s more than essential: it’s as important, if not more important compared to taking care of your kids and your pets. I know I talk a lot about taking care of yourself and prioritizing your stress, etc., but that’s because I truly believe in taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

Think about it - if you do not carve out time to go to the skin doctor each year because you are too busy taking care of your children, you have the potential to develop skin cancer, which can be deadly and if you are down for the count from that (which could have been prevented), how are you going to take care of your kids then?

Alternatively, you could carve out time now, to take care of yourself, and be proactive about your mental and physical health, leading to (hopefully) a strong and healthy mom for years to come. This way, you’re taking care of yourself first with the intentions of sticking around for a long time to come, in order to take care of your children, pets, and other family members. It’s really a selfless act of self-care (I know that sounds contradicting, but just think about it).

I get it. Taking care of yourself is the last thing you want to do. You feed your kids first and sometimes forget to eat yourself, you buy them clothes and forget that you do not have a dress to wear to the event, and you put all of their needs first, forgetting about your own, so how do you remember to take care of yourself? I’m here to make that a bit easier for you! Here are just a few things that you cannot forget about so that you can take care of yourself as a busy mom:


I know you’re thinking who has time to sit and do nothing?! How is this essential? But science is catching up to what meditators have been saying for decades: taking time to be still and breathe actually creates new neural pathways in the brain, gives you more energy to take on the day, and works to de-excite the nervous system so that you can heal from past stress more efficiently. And when you are not stressed, you think better, make better decisions, and are MORE productive. If you think you don’t have time to meditate, you may need it more than anyone.


It can be very hard to remember to drink water, but if you struggle with it, try adding some sort of flavor such as fresh lemon, or cucumbers. You can also try drinking “on a schedule.” For example, one glass when you first wake up, one glass with breakfast, one glass at 11am, etc. You want to make sure that you are not forgetting about drinking enough water, however, because our bodies really need to stay hydrated. In fact, according to University Health News, “It might surprise you to learn that water makes up about 60 percent of our body weight. And what does water do for the body? The benefits of drinking water are many: It’s vital for almost every function in the body.

Water acts as a building block, a solvent for chemical reactions, and a transport material for nutrients and waste. Water also helps maintain blood volume and allows proper circulation, helps regulate our body temperature, and acts as a shock absorber for our joints and our brain. There are still more health benefits of water: It helps lubricate the linings of our inner organs and maintains healthy kidney function.”

Regular Dental Cleanings

Everyone knows that you are supposed to get regular dental cleanings every six months, but do you actually follow that rule? Probably not and unfortunately, a lot of people end up damaging their teeth by not going in for regular dental cleanings. This is just one of many reasons why dental care should be one of your top priorities when taking care of yourself as a busy mom.

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